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beck ANTIQUES & jeweLRy Inc.

Dive into a realm where the past resonates with contemporary elegance, and where every artifact tells a story. At Beck Antiques & Jewelry, every piece is carefully curated, ensuring that we bring to you nothing short of the finest antiques and historical treasures from around the world.

Our stores are reminiscent of grand museums, with one exceptional twist: here, you have the unique opportunity to own the very pieces that captivate your imagination.

The lanes of Gastown in Vancouver, where a young boy stood in wonder amidst antique shops, paved the way for this dream. Today, that boy’s vision has transformed into spaces that are more than just stores. They are a celebration of history, art, and craftsmanship.

As you explore our collection, whether online or in person, we aim to rekindle your passion for history and artistry. We invite you to experience the allure of artifacts that have been meticulously sourced and presented.

Embark on this journey of discovery by visiting each of our distinct stores. Every corner holds its own set of wonders waiting to be unveiled.

Clinton M. Beck –  President & Founder

Appraiser & Auctioneer

Discover the Value: Beck Antiques & Jewellery Buying Days with Appraiser Clinton Beck

Are you intrigued about the value of your hidden treasures? Whether it’s a family heirloom, a unique jewelry piece, or a long-forgotten antique, our upcoming Appraisal Buying Days are your golden opportunity to unlock their true value. Beck Antiques & Jewellery is thrilled to host this exclusive event featuring none other than the world-renowned appraiser and auctioneer, Clinton Beck.

Clinton Beck’s unparalleled expertise in the world of antiques and jewelry is legendary. His keen eye and vast knowledge have amazed countless individuals and brought many hidden treasures to light. This is a rare chance to have your items evaluated by the best in the business. Whether you’re looking to sell, insure, or merely satisfy your curiosity, Clinton’s insights are invaluable. Don’t let your antiques collect dust in obscurity; let them shine and discover their story and worth with a master’s touch. Join us and immerse yourself in a world where the past gets appraised, valued, and celebrated.

Appraisal & Buying Days: 

Sherwood Park Mall Thursdays 11AM- 4PM

St. Albert Mall Fridays 11AM – 4PM

West Edmonton Mall By Appointment

Downtown By Appointment

1681 A Companion To The Alter

Delve deep into the annals of history with one of our prized antiquarian books: “A Companion To The Altar.” Printed in the pivotal year of 1681, this tome is not just a relic of the past but also a testament to the rich tapestry of English printing history.

What makes this piece exceptionally intriguing is its origin. It emerged from the courtyard printer situated directly in front of the iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. At the time of its printing, this courtyard printer had been in operation for a mere six years, making it a nascent establishment in the bustling heart of the city.

Considering the significance of St. Paul’s Cathedral – a monumental structure that has overseen London’s transformation through fires, wars, and revolutions – the location of this printer holds profound historical importance. The Cathedral, rebuilt after the Great Fire of London in 1666 by Sir Christopher Wren, was not only a beacon of hope and resilience for Londoners but also a hub of art, culture, and knowledge.

“A Companion To The Altar,” therefore, is more than just an antiquarian book. It embodies the spirit of an era, a snapshot of the intricate dance between religion, art, and the ever-evolving narrative of London’s storied past. Owning such a piece is akin to holding a fragment of time, rich in tales and whispers of a world long gone but never truly forgotten.

We are Always buying antiques & Treasures!

If you have any of these treasures, please let us know and we would be happy to give you an appraisal.  We also purchase complete estates and collections.

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Clinton Beck
CEO Appraiser Auctioneer & Founder

Antique Estate Appraiser & Auctioneer
E-Mail: clinton@beckantiques.com

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Cell or Text: 780-966-1930

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