Welcome to Beck Antiques & Jewelry, a beacon of timeless treasures and unparalleled expertise. With a rich legacy spanning over 35 years, we proudly operate five unique stores, each a testament to our commitment to preserving history and sharing it with the world.

Founded by the renowned treasure hunter, appraiser, and auctioneer, Clinton Beck, our brand has since become synonymous with quality, authenticity, and old-world charm. Our legacy is not just in the antiques we offer, but also in the tradition of unparalleled service that we uphold. Each store isn’t just a place to purchase antiques, but an experience that teleports you to a bygone era, while ensuring you have access to state-of-the-art research techniques.

Our dedicated team of professional appraisers is at the heart of what we do, ensuring that every piece we showcase is of the utmost quality. Beyond merely trading antiques, Beck Antiques & Jewelry offers a comprehensive range of services, including appraisals, buying, selling, trading, and auctioning. We also provide specialized support for estate liquidations, ensuring that each transaction is seamless and respectful.

As you stroll through our stores or browse our websites, you’ll be treated to an exquisite collection of treasures from every corner of the globe. And while window shopping is an experience in itself, our knowledgeable staff is available seven days a week, ever eager to assist, educate, and answer any inquiries you may have.

Thank you for choosing Beck Antiques & Jewelry. Here, history is not just preserved; it’s celebrated.

Clinton M. Beck

CEO & Founder

Clinton Beck is western Canada’s premier appraiser of antiques.  Clinton has over 35 years experience appraising treasure.

He is a recent graduate auctioneer from the Canadian Auctioneer College. 

President Wild Rose Antique Collectors Society 

Vice President Military Collectors Club 

Director Edmonton Numismatic Society

Director International Executive Association

Member Edmonton Executive Association

“During my childhood, I often found myself enchanted by the ornate Antique Shops nestled in the historic heart of Gastown, Vancouver. Each visit was like stepping back in time, surrounded by relics of the past, each with a story to tell. These cherished memories fuelled a dream deep within me – to one day curate a space that would captivate and inspire everyone who walked through its doors. My life’s journey has been dedicated to the pursuit of rare treasures, artifacts that not only reflect our rich history but also ignite the passions of collectors and enthusiasts alike. It’s been a lifelong adventure, and it’s my earnest hope that you find as much joy and inspiration in these pieces as I have found in discovering and presenting them to you.”

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Clinton Beck
President & Founder

Antique Estate Appraiser
E-Mail: clinton@beckantiques.com

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